RAIDA Japanese Lager

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RAIDA Japanese Lager

4-Pack, 16 fl. oz. per can

5.0% ABV, 22 IBU

Raidā (ライダー) is the translation of "rider" in Japanese. As one may know by now, we at Rouleur Brewing Company are passionate about beer and bicycles. We love to build our bikes, clean our bikes, talk with our buddies about bikes, and, most of all, ride our bikes. We are riders at heart. Our RAIDA Japanese Lager is brewed using Pilsner malt and white rice and is hopped with Sorachi Ace which was originally developed in Hokkaidō, Japan. Its light, crisp, and easy-drinking character makes it the perfect beer when enjoying most fish and poultry dishes or even just on its own. Delicate, smooth, and clean.




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