Pronounce it however you like, but ROULEUR is the new Ruler

In short, a Rouleur in cycling lore is a Ruler—a rare breed able to excel in any setting with panache and savvy, which sets them above. Only a Rouleur is able to masterfully accommodate the full breadth of challenges and transcend them and this is a Core Value of Rouleur Brewing Company—bend the rules when the best outcome compels it… according to our palate, not an antiquated style guide.

ROULEUR is a combined reflection of Old World Heritage meets Modern Craftsmanship with a nod to the regal eminence of a Ruler and a wink to the irreverence of constantly asking why. It represents the symmetry between the New and Old and is symbolic of the romantic connection between man and machine.

Like the beer, the ROULEUR logo is balanced with a careful amount of complexity, inspiration and refinement. The triangulation of these imparts a facility of control, discernment, and well, nobility.

[1] Brand Elements and Core Values— 5 points of the crown

The Five Pointed Crown is an important iconographic element of the ROULEUR logo. The five points are symbolic of the five things we hold dear, our Core Values, which are informed in part by the uniqueness of the Old World brewing culture, particularly in Belgium, where there’s a limber disregard for style nomenclatures; the holistic approach to beer and its balance; the nobility of furthering the legacy of the craft, but with a modern twist all our own. And thusly, the Core Values we cherish are:

  • Irreverence—We revere Old World brewing ideals but not enough to stop us from asking why and manipulating them to our New World palate in novel and inspired ways.
  • Balance—We believe in a balance in life, as much as balance in beer. Family, health, work and play should be measured in harmony just as the balanced beer has malt, hop and yeast flavors appearing in complementary fashion. We strive to balance the many needs of our brand, our fellow beer drinkers, our communities and our families.
  • Lead—There is nobility to what we do and Rouleurs never like to follow. We’ve spent the time looking back and now we’re looking forward. In this regard, we view our role as having a certain eminence that our name confers and our craft conveys.
  • Celebrate—What we do is special—we’re lucky and we know it. After all, what we lovingly produce with passion is what others celebrate with, whether a goal long held, the completion of a long ride, a long day or a long looked forward to occasion. We love what we do and those that enjoy what we do.
  • Precision—Our fastidious engineering mindset means our crazy attention to detail is poured into the science of our beer’s flavor and aroma, which requires the support of considered measurement and distribution. It’s with that precision that ROULEUR beer lovers can have the beer they want when they want it, exactly the way we intend. 

[2] The Rainbow Stripes of the World Champion

The Rainbow Jersey—specifically the stripes—is the distinction worn by the reigning world champion in cycling disciplines, since 1927. The jersey is comprised of five horizontal color bands around the chest: blue, red, black, yellow, green; the same colors that appear in the rings on the Olympic flag.

The colors of these stripes are given a place in the ROULEUR brand iconography, imparting a subtle wink to the glory and prestige they imply in world of cycling.

[3] Gears  

Our engineering and cycling minds are always churning; our gears are always driving, divining new ways of leading, celebrating and furthering the craft of beer making. As a result, gears are another element of the ROULEUR brand, acknowledging our dedication to the craft and the important mechanical side that facilitates its production.