Brewer's Assistant & Delivery Driver (Single Position, Dual Role, Full-Time)

Job Description

The Brewer's Assistant will be focused on supporting the Brewer in the production of top-notch, high quality Rouleur beers. This position will be responsible for providing brew house and cellar support. This position will also support brewery events and other promotions. The Brewer's Assistant will be responsible for the safe and precise treatment of beer from the brewhouse all the way to packaging.

This position will also assist in the delivery of product and/or product sales. The Delivery Driver will be focused on supporting the delivery and up-sale of top-notch, high quality seasonal and staple brews. This position will be responsible for making all deliveries per pre-loaded product and invoices, while ensuring high quality customer service is provided at all times.

This role is a Full-Time (40hr/week) position.

Duties and Responsibilities

Brewer’s Assistant

  • Assist with fundamental functions of the brewing process according to the brewing schedule.
  • Assist with on-site 10 - 20 bbl batches.
  • Assist with the preparation of ingredients, including malt, hops, and yeast.
  • Assist with in-house yeast propagation.
  • Assist with monitoring fermentation activity.
  • Clean and sanitize fermentation and brite tanks.
  • Set, monitor, and adjust temperature of fermentation tanks to achieve optimal fermentation and conditioning of beer.
  • Drain and monitor yeast during fermentation and conditioning.
  • Taste beer after fermentation and communicate potential issues to Brewer.
  • Prepare tanks for the transfer of beer.
  • Cleaning of kegs.
  • Packaging of beer.

Delivery Driver

  • Responsible for driving and delivering pre-sold product to assigned restaurants, bars, and/or grocery stores.
  • Provide excellent customer service at all times.
  • Build pallet orders for trucks.
  • Unload, stock, and rotate product on shelves, racks, and coolers.
  • Interact with customers, answer questions, and log any complaints (to be timely and accurately forwarded to appropriate individuals and managers.)