Pronounce it however you like, but ROULEUR is the new Ruler

Translated from French, rouleur literally means having wheels… a roller. We love beer that is well-rounded, balanced, considered in its craft, yet with unusual flavor profiles that can defy convention. We roll a bit more confidently, even if we aren’t loud.


In cycling lore the name contains much more panache, a Rouleur is not only a rider who is well-equipped to take on most any profile, he is also the most savvy—precise in execution. Notably, a Rouleur has the widest range of opportunity for victory… they are ‘rulers’ and the most exciting to watch compete; races of attrition suit them, as does anything in inclimate weather. Rouleurs win the most romantic races of all, the one-day Classics, even the Grand Tours.

Rouleurs are able to break the rules because they transcend them. As a result, they often look at things with an eye toward tweaking the norms to their advantage. One rider views a course to survive it, while a Rouleur views the same course to own it. Their style of racing often means that even if they lose, they put on the greatest show in doing so.  They wow us!

Only a Rouleur is able to masterfully accommodate the full breadth of challenges and transcend them and this is a core value of ROULEUR Brewing Company—intimately knowing the rules in order to break them with precision and flair in balance. With beer, which depends on a range of ingredients—water, barley, hops, and yeast—there are norms, even rules, which limit the performance of those in the field…

Breweries either stick to the rules they’ve been handed or attempt to break them in ways that are characterized in one-dimensional over-indulgence. ROULEUR beers are distinguished by their subtle, sophisticated style deviations, brewed with intimate knowledge of Old World traditions but brought to life with an artistic craftsmanship of rule breaking creativity—a magnificent stroke tuned to the possibilities of palate pleasures, not high revolutions or bursts of over intensity. 

“Elegance without precedence. Irreverence without recklessness.”

ROULEUR appeals to those who, like us, are passionate about the creation and recreation that is beer. Because it’s not about simply drinking versions of the same styles or being bludgeoned with beer ‘bombasity.’ Instead, for ROULEUR, it’s about focusing on exquisite style variations and ingredient combinations that truly reach beyond the rules and limitations affecting the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage on the planet.