Cycling Apparel

ROULEUR Brewing strives to follow the motto of OLD WORLD HERITAGE MEETS MODERN CRAFTSMANSHIP in everything we do. 

Like the approach we take when creating our beers, ROULEUR’s approach to cycling is to honor the past while embracing the present and future.  We cherish the golden era of cycling starting in the mid-1940s and extending to the early-1970s where it consisted of human, machine, and the occasional mid-race beer.  No bike electronics, no race radios, no gimmicks.


However, ROULEUR Brewing simultaneously welcomes the present and the future and applauds those who question the current state-of-the-art.  Because questioning results in thought and thought results in exploration, invention, and advancement.  

Rather than take a side, ROULEUR Brewing understands that you cannot invent something new without understanding the past and, for this reason, we choose to celebrate both: OLD WORLD MEETS NEW WORLD.

As our brand may suggest, ROULEUR Brewing Company is a craft brewery with a cycling problem.  And we are not alone…there is a strange, yet common, connection between the love of beer and the passion for bikes.  When we set out to create our line of ROULEUR Brewing cycling kits, we held two criteria sacred:

The kit design must perfectly meld old world cycling heritage with new world cycling craftsmanship.  The colors and artwork would have a touch of classic, yet the fabrics, fit, and manufacturing would be cutting edge.

The kit must be manufactured locally, in California, by an authentic, like-minded brand employing people who understand and share our values.

The search ended without hesitation when we discovered Eliel Cycling.  Their mission to “create an authentic brand that captures the spirit of California while delivering unmatched quality that would rival the leading brands from across the cycling world” is the exact mindset that ROULEUR Brewing was looking to find.